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We have provided this section for your preliminary website needs assessment questions via our online form prior to our initial consultation. This will assist us in targeting the right questions for the right answers prior to discussing your website work.

Why ?  Simply because we plan to get it right the first time!

To help you better understand the processes, please take a few minutes to review our Eight Phase approach and methodology. This will be helpful in gaining a better understanding of what to expect and hopefully trigger thoughts for your questions and answers during our initial consultation.  Once your get a better understanding of how we approach each project then please complete to the best of your ability our  Online needs assessment form.

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Our Approach and Methodology:


This is a business meeting of the minds. Think of this as the “meet and greet” phase. This is a critical time for us to understand your ideas, goals, budgetary constraints and overall internet business objectives. Prior to the initial consultation we start with the Online Needs Assessment form which allows us to determine the best approach to target our discussions during the initial consultation. Click here to start the Online Needs Assessment.

After gathering all the information needed to fully understand your project, we provide a concrete and detailed proposal that outlines the creative and production levels of efforts to build your website along with recommended services. This proposal will include the total budgeted cost discussed during the Initial Consultation.

Once the proposal is sent out and you had a chance to look it over, we schedule a review session where we clarify certain aspects and answer any questions you may have.

Once the signed version of the proposal is received along with a 50% Deposit of the agreed project budget we will schedule a production start date. Now we officially start our business relationship and begin the drive to success!

This is the beginning of your internet presence ! If you do not have a domain name, website server, dedicated email services we will immediately get you started usually within 48 hours after receipt of the signed proposal acceptance along with a 50% deposit..

This should include an immediate online HOME PAGE for letting your future customers know that your website is being developed and to check back later because more will be revealed. This HOME PAGE should at minimum include Your Logo, A brief description of your services (current and future), company credentials and any important contact information ( Address, telephone, email, facebook page,etc.)

Next we create a BACKROOM site ( For your eyes only). It will be similar to watching your carefully designed customized NEW HOME at the construction site as it develops. This will be a DRAFT version of the future website's framework, content and functionality.

Our main objective in this initial design phase is to obtain all the content, create and/or fill the documentation and associated artwork so that we may wireframe your future site’s overall look and feel.

Our draft website design provides your ongoing input to the look and feel of the site, navigational points, online forms and functionality of your expectations. Make sure all Images ( Photo's, Logo's, Icons, etc.) are to be included during this phase.

Once all artwork, copy and documentation is created and approved, we will again go through the approval process prior to development of the FINAL finished and professional product for public viewing.


Our graphic designer's will then take all the ideas and intricate details regarding the site ambiance and overall look and feel that we have discussed and planned up till now.

Our graphic designers understand the finer points and details when it comes to creating a website design both cosmetically and technically.  Within budget they design what  really works over the internet and what your design will need in order to compete successfully online.

Once final design is approved by you then the technical work begins in the Production Phase Seven.

Now sit back and relax while our talented and highly experienced team of developers brings your site to life. We will start with the front end development where we code and mark up the design files, move onto the functional and database development (if applicable), and end this essential phase with a thorough "Quality Assurance" testing stage.

That's it ! Just like watching a building being constructed you have approved every critical step from assessment to production and all we need is YOUR start date to go online so your can start spreading the word your officially on the world wide  web that YOUR  OPEN for business !

Once you see the benefits and the power of having your own website emparc offers an wide array of Ongoing Support, Marketing Campaign, Website Analytics ( Reports ) and much more !


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