Internet Business Services

Anyone can build a websiteBUT . . .

EMPARC doesn't just build websites. We build your internet business via websites that perform! Our web-architect, designer, programmer and web marketers can provide your organization "more" than a just site with your name and logo and supporting data on web pages. We carefully review and analyze your business & internet website aspirations, then strategically target, develop and manage the short term and long term goals. We can transform your internet business concept into "real" and tangible results. 

Not sure of your goals? We will help define them for you. We analyze your existing business culture, organizational processes and develop your internet business based on designs and pre-production milestones approved by you every step of the way. You're always kept in the loop.

With a clear understanding of your mission and your expectations we translate these pre-defined goals into a performance based web-enabled solutions that can result in:

  • increased sales,
  • increased prospective client lists,
  • increase customer awareness,
  • abundantly saving your company time and resources,
  • eliminating redundancies by automating manual repetitive tasks or;
  • reducing costs associated with more traditional forms of shared data and/or communications that could be utilized and shared more easily and cost effectively using the web, 
  • expanded e-business/e-commerce capabilities.

EMPARC is a full-service web-agency. Make us your single point of contact to manage your Internet Business Services and related needs. EMPARC's professional Internet Business Services can relieve you of the day-to-day administrative, creative and management of your internet projects from concept-to- completion,  content maintenance, website promotions and much more. 

Our Internet business services include, but are not limited to: 

  • domain name registration, 
  • website hosting; 
  • website design & development,
  • external website testing ( i.e., links, browsers, copy, etc.)
  • internet applications & programming services,
  • webmaster or site maintenance services,
  • website multi-lingual translation services (international),
  • search engine META TAG generation and registration, 
  • e-business & e-commerce development, 
  • multi-media storyboard design & development,
  • domain name brokerage services,
  • web advertising and marketing agency,
  • and much more.

Our web advertising & marketing services can also be included in the project life cycles. Our execution of multimedia marketing campaigns include, but are not limited to:

  • Internet Marketing Strategies,
  • broad band e-mail marketing,
  • Cable TV advertising [ production & airtime management],
  • Banner Advertisement campaign placement & management.

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